Blogs in other Countries

I visited 5 blogs in other countries and here are the comments I made:

On: This is super cool! Do you live in the US? I really enjoy camping too, but I don’t have a lot of time to go. I have a lot of friends who like horseback riding. On:  I really like tennis, too! Is Rafa your favorite men’s player? I really like Rafa, but he seems to be injured lately. Do you think he will come back to how he was playing before? Anyway, this poem is really good! If you want you can check out my blog at On: Your blog is very pretty! I agree, blog comments should not be boring, they must be interesting! I hope you get many good comments! Here is my blog: On: Wow! It sounds like you are very excited to be moving on to your next school. I am in eighth grade, so I am preparing to move into high school. Do you have any tips? Good luck! On: That’s really amazing that you have been so many places! What do you do as an MK? Where are you currently living? Here is my blog: On: Wow! This sounds like a super great food. How is it cooked? What are some other good foods in Portugal? Check my blog out at:



Pizza and other food in the US

For the Blogging Challenge, we are writing about food, songs, stories or clothing that is popular in our country. I am choosing to write about pizza, pasta, and packaged food. Which one is your favorite?


Pizza is very popular in our culture. Many people will call the pizza restaurant, order and they will deliver right to your front door. There are about 6 pizza restaurants in the town I live in. I really like the taste of pizza and what it symbolizes. My family usually orders it when we are watching a movie or are to tired to cook. We get to eat our warm, cheesy pizza watching a good movie, together.

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Pasta is another food that is very popular in our culture. People put all different kinds of sauces on it. You can buy in most stores. I like all pasta and my family makes it a lot, so I try it many different ways.

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Packaged Food

Packaged food is also very popular in the US, however, it is not where I live. Some people think people from the United States are lazy, but that is just a stereotype. Some people in the US are, but most work hard. Many people are not buying packaged food anymore because they realize how unhealthy it is for the human body.

I hope you learned about the food we eat in the US and will come and visit sometime if you don’t live here already. Please leave a comment!


3 Tourist Attractions in My Country


For the Student Blogging Challenge, I get to write about 3 tourist attractions in my country. So I choose one of my favorite cities in the USA. In San Fransico, a city I talked about before, there are many tourist attractions. Lombard Street, aka the most crooked street in the world (please feel free to debate this), is a place most tourists go. I think it is super cool because it winds back and forth and there are even houses on that road. Another place in San Fransico is Fisherman’s Wharf. There are many good restaurants serving crab just out of the bay and ocean. Cable Cars are also a fun thing to ride in the City. They go right next to a favorite place of mine, Ghirardelli Square. I love getting a sundae and looking out over the bay and Golden Gate bridge.


About the place I live

I live in California in the United States. San Francisco is a large city in California. Los Angeles is another big city in California. Although they are both different, they are both great places to go. Have you ever been to LA or San Francisco? California is bordered by Oregon to the North, Nevada and Arizona to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West! I love the beach so California is a perfect place for me to be. San Francisco is on the ocean, but the water is very cold, so when I go there I go shopping and not swimming. San Francisco has many cool stores and malls. LA, however, has perfect beach weather. I love to go swimming, surfing and shopping there! The state capital, Sacramento, has many cool places to go. The state capitol building is very cool. It’s fun to learn where important decisions that impact the whole state are made! I hope you learned a lot about where I live!


A hobbie of mine: Reading

Reading is such an important part of my life. When I first learned to read, I wasn’t very good, so I did not really like it. When my mom was talking to other moms at my school, she found out there was a program at the local library that encouraged people to read by giving prizes. What kid doesn’t like winning prizes? So my mom signed me up for the summer reading program at the library, and I dove into reading. Granted, I wasn’t reading because I liked it but because if I read 5 books, I would win a pencil. The next school year I discovered I was reading without incentive. This started to my reading journey to where I am now, reading every book I can get my hands on. Of course, I have the help of my awesome English teacher, to find a great book to read.


Commenting on other Student Bloggers

Since I am participating in the Student Blogging Challenge, I get to comment on other students blogs in the Student Blogging Challenge. Are you in the Student Blogging Challenge? I commented on RIS Blog, Tony’s blog, Jovita’s Blog, Annabelle’s Penguin-Opolis Blog and Shamica’s blog. I had a lot of fun looking at blogs from people all over the world. I commented on all these because they all had similar interests to me. Please leave a comment!

Of Mice and Men: Lennie and George

In English, we are reading the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. I am writing about Lennie and George.

So far in the story, Lennie seems like a follower of George. Lennie forgets things all the time, so George helps him to remember. Lennie is a large man, with leaning shoulders, pale eyes, and Steinbeck describes him as like a bear dragging his paws. On the other hand, George is described as small and quick, with restless eyes and sharp strong features. I think George is much smarter, so he leads Lennie. I think they both like each other. George says many times that he would be better of by himself, but he never makes Lennie leave. Lennie says he could leave if George told him too, but I don’t think Lennie would be able to survive on his own.

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